What to Expect on The Newquay Smugglers Boat Trip!

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Where Do The Tours Run From?

  • The Newquay Smugglers Boat Trip runs from the Newquay Harbour, over from Bootlegger Office, look for the pirate and signs shown in the photo on this page.

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Please Note: We do not use any names of any living persons, nor do we use any stories related to local families, this tour is based on historical facts but due to the nature of smuggling and pirates, wrecking a vast amount of it's history is down to local folklore and locals stories with snippets of facts due to the only time a pirate or smuggler was caught is when the facts were recorded. Although set within Newquay we do generalise smuggling that accompanies local stories and myths, legends and folklore. This tour is intended for entertainment only and we change the tour as and when we need to in light of new evidence, found history or legends. 

Our Newquay Smugglers Boat Trip and Sightseeing Tour is NEW for Newquay 2019 launched by award winning tour company Alone In The Dark Entertainment and creator Steven J Taylor and Wayne Martin. This is an interactive story based boat tour with historical facts, detailing everything from the rise of smuggling in the 18th and 19th century in Cornwall on the North Coast and in Newquay along with its fall, ghastly deeds and crimes. Hear about Cornish pirates and the old wreckers, mermaids in local legends. The facts are within fun stories mixed with humour. The tour is aimed at all ages but we make the tours flexible for families and young children.

Tour Length:

  • 1.5 hour hours

Whats Included In The Tour:

  • Boat Tour Boat Trip

  • ​Full costume tour guide

  • Sea Shanty Music

  • Cornish Myths and Legends

  • Local stories at the sites it took place

  • Interactive stories with props

  • Site seeing, such as locations related to smuggling history

  • Wild life spotting

What Will Be Seen and Done During the Tour:

  • You will see Newquay's historical working harbour, hidden historical areas only seen from the sea, the landing beaches for smuggling, the smugglers caves from the boat, the smugglers coves, the smugglers cottages. The Gazzel where Spanish Galleon sank, the area of the old customs officers huts. On the tour we will point out the Island of Black Humphrey and other coastal areas related to our stories plus much more.

Car Parking and Address:

  • There is a pay and display car park in the Harbour but it can be difficult to park during high season. Please see the main board by the toilets for pricing. Newquay Harbour TR7 1HT

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