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Wildlife and Coastal Boat Trip Adventure in Newquay

So it has been a very busy Easter here in Newquay with our NEW Smugglers Boat Trip and sightseeing tour been a big hit. We have run full boats since our launch. Why not see what its all about!

Set sail with a well respected Skipper, Wayne Martin who has over 20 years as RNLI and also runs www.newquaycoastalmackereltrips.co.uk aboard the Tamarisk, a tradition Cornish boat, we have all the latest safety gear and your in good hands with our scurvy crew!

The Newquay Smugglers Coastal Adventure and Boat Trip sets sail from Newquay Harbour daily from April till September and is only £15 per smuggler.

This fantastic boat trip includes:

  • 1.5 hour coastal boat trip

  • Full costume tour guide

  • Local sea shanty music

  • Learn of Cornwall's pirates, smugglers and wreckers!

  • See the smugglers caves and tunnels, cottages!

  • See the ship wrecking sights!

  • Sail over the mighty Cribber, a nautical adventure!

  • Discover Pyrate Island and the Legend of Black Humphrey

  • See a real cannon ball, flintlock pistol and other items from our past!

  • Spot our wildlife such as seals, dolphins, porpoise, jelly fish, sun fish and more!

Newquay Smugglers Coastal Adventure and Boat Trip Wildlife Spotting

We have so much to offer on our Newquay Smugglers Coastal Adventure and Boat Trip, enjoy the stories, folklore with tours tailored to each age group from nautical history to family fun with a story teller and pirate or smuggler. We can create bespoke coastal tours for any age. Smugglers and Pirates are not just for kids!

We also offer our sunset trips, enjoy a tipple of French Smuggled Brandy and learn of Newquay's smuggling past on an adult only boat trip or take part in our boat and land trip that sees you set sail for 1 hour and then land to make your way around our smugglers coves and end at a old smugglers pub for 1 hour. Creating a perfect 2 hour adult only smugglers, ghosts and pirate, Cornish folklore based tour for just £19.99.

Whatever your adventure, then the Newquay Smugglers Walk and Boat Trips can create a perfect experience!

To book with us call 07525639943 and booking is recommended due to how busy we do get!


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