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Due to the CV-19 outbreak which delayed our season and created spiralling costs, late season start we are sadly not operating for the 2020 season as it's not viable for our business and we will go bust if we try.

It costs us quite a pretty penning to launch the business each year, rental costs and insurance, staff costs and outlay for fuel etc. So we have had to send the smugglers out pirating as we are skint. We do hope to see you all back for some plundering in the 2021 season as long as this pestilence has gone fro our fine shores.

We do apologies for this and we hope to be back for the start of the 2021 for more fine tails of smuggling and pirates in Cornwall.

This issue has affected all our boat trips, land walking tours. So all ghost walks, history tours, pub walks and boat trips are closed and we cannot offer private trips either as we did not renew our insurance for the year.

We wish you all the best for the rest of this 2020 nightmare of a year.

The Newquay Smugglers Team!

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