Join the Newquay Smugglers Pub Walk and enjoy old Cornish Smuggling Legends while you sit and relaxe with an ice cold drink or a warm one and gaze out to bays where many a smuggling boat landed. 

This fantastic tour runs on day times and allows you the chance to sit and relax as your smuggler and pirate guide entertains you with pirate and smuggling stories related to Cornish pirates who sailed the Atlantic and terrorised the British channel to the smugglers of Newquay. 

You will stop at between 2 to 4 pubs depending on on busy it is and times of the tour, at each pub you can buy a drink, hear the stories and see the sights. Once done we will stop at landmarks such as a smugglers boat, see the smuggling caves along with the smugglers cottage. One of the pubs sit atop of the old Schooners yard and you can still see the original moorings for the tall ships. 

Our last pub has a smugglers tunnel leading from the old tea cavern cave to it, here you will relive the life of a smuggler with stories and legends. 

The Newquay Smugglers Pub Walk runs for around 2.5 hours.

The Newquay Smugglers Pub Walk starts from the Newquay Harbour, just look for our sign that backs on to the Harbour Beach on the bottom of the bank. 

The price is £9.99 per person with a maximum of 12 or private parties to a maximum of 20 people. We also offer a Pirate Pub Crawl on private hire only.

This tour is aimed to be enjoyed and not get too drink, it runs late day time only!

Smuggler Steve your guide will lead you on a smuggling adventure, stopping at up to 4 fine drinking and dining establishment all related to smuggling, one way or the other. You first port of call will be to learn why smuggling stated with a visit to the Newquay Rowing Club, hear you will find out about the gig boats, how they were used in smuggling and there history, you will be able to sit on the balcony and look out along the coast and hear of landing sites, smuggling facts and history.

Next we can make our way to the harbour beach where we will find the old Schooners shipyard, now a fine establishment called the Boathouse. Here we can take a seat in the outdoor deck and over look the harbour, learn of Newquay's roll in smuggling and pirates with facts about Cornwalls pirate past, hear of our tall ships and the last to set sail from Newquay Harbour along with what life was like in the hear bout during the smugglers years. 

From the Boathouse we will make our way to the Harbour View which has a fine bar that serves cocktails with a deck to sit and look out to sea, hear you will learn of Black Humphrey, Smuggler Steve's 9th great grandfather as you look out to his Island, know Humphreys Island. Hear of his ghastly deeds and his tragic end. 

Next we will take  a small tour to the smugglers cottage, hear you can learn about "The Coast Is Clear", how we would signal the smugglers out at sea and the story about the smugglers cottage and its tunnels, you will also have a chance to look down in to a real landing site and smugglers tunnel before the revenue men be upon we will vanish up the hill in to the old Red Lion Pub, hear you can once again enjoy a cold or hot drink as we take in the sites and sounds of the fine bar, learn of its smugglers tunnel and the role of the tea caverns. 

Your tour will conclude at the old smugglers cottage on the bank, once a Inn with smugglers tunnels but today a private home. 

To Book This Tour Call 07525639943 or visit us down at the Harbour!


Visit up to 4 fine drinking and dining establishments all related to smuggling in one way of the other. At each pub you can sit and relax, listen to the stories and myths with around 20 minutes at each bar. You will also stop at local sights of interest to smuggling and pirates! 


The Newquay Smugglers Pub Walk starts in Newquay Harbour by our sign, its easy to find just past the slip to the beach opposite the RNLI lifeboat station and Newquay Rowing Club. Tours start at selected times and are tide depended. 


Your guide is Smuggler Steve, a pirate and wrecker and part of the Angove, Clemens family which legend has it that they descended from pirate Henry Avery, hear of his families 150 years of piracy and smuggling along with local stories, legends and folklore!

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