A Guided Ghost Walking Tour in Newquay Cornwall

Join our Smuggler for a lamp lit smugglers ghost walk in old Newquay, discover the haunted smugglers caverns where ghostly whispers have been heard, see the haunted smugglers cottage where poltergeist activity has been witnessed and human bones were once found during a renovation, hear of the night watch a ghostly shape with his lamp still seen on foggy nights to ghost ships, local legends, myths and folklore related to our maritime history, visit the site of a ghastly murder and a pagan ritual site plus so much more... 

Tours run from the Newquay Harbour on evenings, please call 07525639943 to book with tours filling fast. 


It all started with a family myth, a legend and a curse that has been told to me and my ancestors for many generations, passed down through our family all about the men in our family been Cornish smugglers and pirates and one that lived on his own island and was shunned by our family. My grandmother was told stories as a small girl about her great, great, great grandfather and his pirate ways and his father before him who was supposedly a daring pirate. As I got older I moved away from Cornwall, only to return 20 years later in search of my ancestors history, what I found was clues that set me in search of a real treasure a 200 year old book that finally shed light upon my families ghastly past, a blood line of pirates, smugglers and ship wreckers, this is my story and your haunted experience.

I as I researched the Newquay smugglers and pirates what I also found where many ghostly legends, stories of murder and hauntings, true accounts of people's ghost sightings and so much more!


Now you can walk in my ancestors footsteps but on this haunted tour you will hear the ghostly legends, stories of poltergeist activity, haunted screams that echo from the watery graves below, see the sites of real hauntings and re live each story told in detail as told to our smuggler. 

Join us if your DARE!!


Your tour guide is a evil man, he goes by the Name of Humphrey The Black or Black Humphrey, he can tell you a tale or two about his long line of ancestors. Smuggler Steve who plays Humphrey will retell his family story, that of a curse and the many pirates with over 150 years of smuggling and pirates in his family. He will do his best to scar you and make you jump at every chance he gets with dark histories and ghostly legends brought back from the watery graves!


See the haunted areas of old Newquay from a 400 year old cottage once used for smuggling and believed to have a nasty poltergeist, hear of human bones found in a smuggler tunnel, see the cave where it is said that 6 men lost there lives smuggling and to this day you can hear there screams in the wind. Learn of pirate executions, foul deeds carried out in the DEAD of night with true haunting stories at each stop!


Discover Newquay's ghostly history, see the sites of the Huers hut and learn about ship wrecking and murder, see the coastal path that was created by the costumes officer to thwart piracy and smuggling but now is said to be haunted. Sit at the sites where smugglers lived, worked and died as the guide brings there stories to life. Look down into the old haunted landing point that led to a local legend of the haunted smugglers cottage. See an old haunted pub related to smuggling!


For ages 13 plus but aimed at adults but fun for all, this tour is not wheelchair accessible due to the sand, steps and coastal paths. We recommend strong sturdy footwear for this mini walk of 0.7 miles in total with regular stops for stories and bringing a beach towel or small blanket so you can sit on the sand or grass during the stories. Leave up to 2 hours for the tour and arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts. 

Tour starts in Newquay Harbour and Concludes the Red Lion Pub.

Look for our Sign and Flag

Address: Bootlegger Boat Trips, South Quay Hill,

Newquay TR7 1HR

Price: £10 per adult, under 16's £7

Cash payment at the tour start, booking is recommended.

Only 25 spaces per tour

Tours run on low tides only, call 07525639943 for daily tours April till September.

+44 (0)7525639943

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