A Guided Boat Tour in Newquay Cornwall

Join our Pirate and smuggler as we sail back in time from Newquay Harbour and explore Newquay’s smuggling past as we bring to life the stories of the Cornish smugglers, pirates and wreckers from the Boat.


This fantastic tour led by a full costume guide who plays the part of Black Humphrey a notorious Newquay pirate, smuggler and wrecker. enjoy tradition sea shanties that pirates would have sung at sea. 

Set within Newquay's stunning coastline and starting from Newquay Harbour! 

All Aborrrd!!!



Venture aboard one of our smugglers boats with Black Humphrey the pirate as we hoist the black flag and set off on a pirate, shipwrecking and smuggler adventure of old Blystra (Newquay) on this fantastic sightseeing boat trip. 

On our smuggling coastal boat adventure you will relive the stories of pirates and smugglers from Newquay as told by Steven J Taylor who's real ancestors are the Angove and Clemens bloodline who are decedents of the pirate Henry Avery (Every), his family bloodline has over 150 years of pirates and smugglers including his 9th great grandfather Black Humphrey Clemens who he plays on this fantastic trip.  


All aboard to see the smugglers caves and tunnels, hear of the many pirates and smuggling folk stories. Sail where a battle between sloops of war (gun ships) and 20 pirate boats once fought. Hear of the Spanish wreck and its lost cannons and lost treasure.

See Black Humphreys Pyrate Island and the sites where he would wreck ships to smuggled goods inland and moored his pirate ship and hear of his adventures along with his pirate farther Branock Clemons The Black. 

The Newquay Smugglers Boat Trip and Boat Tour is backed with sea shanties a full costume guide and a decedent from real pirates with mix fun history, bd jokes and a jolly good time out at sea taking in the coastal views and wildlife.. 

You will also have a chance to see our Newquay wildlife on this seafaring adventure, keep an eye starboard  for dolphins and porpoise, seals, sunfish, jelly fish and even basking sharks along with whales to sea birds. 

This fantastic guided boat trip and tour leaves from Newquay Harbour, just look for the pirate by the smugglers sign in Newquay Harbour overlooking the beach, you will often find our drunken pirate there in a old marooned boat waiting for ye scurvy's!


Sail with our Pirate, wrecker and Smuggler Black Humphrey Clemens the most feared Newquay Smuggler that dwells in a Island you will only see on this tour and boat trip! 


One of the traditional boats we use on the Smugglers Boat Trip, we also use the Bootlegger and Tamarisk, fully kitted with all safety gear and radios with plenty room!


See our wildlife, sometimes we are blessed and we see Dolphins, Seals, Basking Sharks, Whales, Jelly Fish, Sun Fish, and many sea birds on our smugglers boat trip!


For all ages plus but aimed at adults but fun for all, this tour is not wheelchair accessible due to the steps down to the boat. We recommend warm clothing even on a hot day. Leave 2 hours for the tour time and arrive 15 minutes before the tour starts. This tour runs for around 1.5 hours.

Tour starts in Newquay Harbour and Concludes back at the start.

Look for our Sign and Flag as in the photo!

Address: Newquay Smugglers Walk, South Quay Hill,

Newquay TR7 1HR (click here)

Price: £20 per smuggler, under 2 years free

Cash payment at the tour start, booking is recommended.

Only 12 spaces per tour

Tours run on mid and high tides only, call 07525639943 for daily tours April till September.

+44 (0)7525639943

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