Visiting Newquay?

Newquay Harbour Things to do!

If you are visiting Newquay then venture down to the Newquay Harbour, take part in the smugglers Boat Trip, enjoy lunch at the Boathouse and venture out on one of the many boat trips or fishing trips, from shark diving to coastal cruses with Newquay Smugglers Boat Trips or if your feel more adventures, enjoy paddle boarding to surfing, coasteering and much more! See the links below for more info!

Local Businesses in Newquay Harbour!

Why not check out the other local businesses in Newquay Harbour from the many fishing trips and coastal cruses, shark diving to a game of pool and a pint in the rowing club with outstanding views, or dine on fresh seafood at the Boathouse to building sand castle's on the harbour beach or supporting the RNLI and visiting the shop. 

Here is list of local Newquay businesses in Newquay Harbour! 

Guided Tours

Newquay Smugglers Walk 

Water Sports

Newquay Water Sports Centre

Fishing Trips 

Atlantic Dive Boat Fishing Trips

Bootlegger Fishing Trips

Fish Newquay - Mystique

Newquay Fishing Trips - Atlantis

Newquay Sea Safaris and Fishing

Paddle Fish

Baloo Fishing

Newquay Harbour Boat Association

1 Hour Coastal Trips 

Newquay Coastal Mackerel Trips


Vertical Descents

Food and Drinks 

The Boathouse

Newquay Rowing Club

Newquay Water Sports

BBQ, Coffee, Sandwiches and More

Things To Do

RNLI Shop and Station 

Visit There Website Click Here

Water Sports Hire

Newquay Water Sports Centre

Visit Newquay Harbour Today!

Address: Newquay Harbour


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