The Answers You Need About Newquay Smugglers Walk & Boat Tour

Where does the tour start and end?

Both of or tours start at the Bootlegger Boat Trips, South Quay Hill, Newquay TR7 1HR and the boat trip ends here. Our land walking tour ends by the war memorial on Dane road by the Atlantic Hotel but our guide comes back to the start and will be happy to guide you back to the beginning of the tour or direct you back to where you want to be.

A story tour with ourselves is a tour that is part fact, history pointing out areas of interest but at points along the tour route you will settle in for a story, this where you can sit and the guide becomes a story teller and retails old Cornish folklore, legends of the ship wreckers, pirates and smugglers. It is captivating and entertaining, shocking and even emotional, funny and most off all a fantastic way to hear the facts come to life. It truly is the only experience of its kind in Newquay. 

What is a story tour?

This tour is a mixture of facts, folklore and traditional Cornish stories mixed with history and acting. The guide tailors each tour to the audience so if we have lots of children there will be fun things for the younger ones and hidden jokes for the older ones, likewise if its all adults our stories will be a tad darker and more gruesome with use of some adult language in context and adult fun a games.  We do recommend bringing a beach towel of small blanket so you can sit on the sand or grass and enjoy the stories. You will have 3 main points on the tour where it stops been facts and becomes theatrical and your guide becomes a story teller and you will be spending time at that stop, these will have jumpy parts, funny parts and cliff hangers all story locations have fantastic views. You will stop at up to 9 points of interest relating to the smugglers, we do not go in any caves unless prearranged on private tours. The tour length is 0.7 miles uphill at a slow and steady pace with regular stops. You may wish to bring non alcoholic drinks again unless prearranged on a private tour. The tour price is £7 for adults and under 16's is £5 per person. This tour runs on low tide only as we have to cross the beach. 

About the walking tour!

About the boat tour!

The smugglers boat tour runs on selected dates only and is prepay, once you make a booking we will send you a invoice and you can then make the bank transfer or last minute bookings which is cash only, we do not have any cash machine facilities. The boat tour starts in Newquay Harbour with a full costume guide and will be a coastal based cruse where you will stop at selected points of interest and find out the facts and history with stories and local legends, myths and folklore. You may also see our wildlife, such as seals, dolphins, sun fish, jelly fish and basking sharks. The boat we use is the rightly named Bootlegger or the Tamerisk or Island Maid who run fishing trips from Newquay Harbour. You may wish to bring food and non alcoholic drinks again unless prearranged on a private tour then you may have alcohol on the boat as long as your not drunk. We do recommend sea sickness tablets for anyone that does not have there sea legs. Once on the boat you can move around freely but most find a spot to sit and hear the guide while looking out to the sites. The boat tour also has themed smugglers and pirate music along with sea shanties and real smugglers items for show and tell during the tour and lasts around 2 hours. The cost is £19.99 to £24.99 per person for each person, adult or child as we have to pay for a charter hire to the skipper and then we charge £5 for the tour. So the total price person is £19.99 to £24.99 depending on the boat we head out on. This tour only runs on calm none days and due to the price tends to be adults only but all are welcome.

Is this tour scary?

No these tours are created around adventure, discovering Newquay's forgotten past relating to smugglers and pirates, wreckers. However we do have stories that are gruesome, mention of death or cut throats and hanging. Its all historical but retold with drama and flair with a few ghostly stories, some may even raise the hairs on your arms but our tours run in day light in outstanding beauty. 

Are the tours safe?

Yes, each of our tours are as safe as possible unless we advise otherwise in the tour description but we aim to keep our tours as safe as we can on each tour, we use routs such as pathways that the public use. The Newquay Smugglers Walking tour is on some rough ground, with steps and loose stones, the most dangerous part is a few slippery rocks by the harbour staircase as you can see in the photo, we have photographed the most dangerous places, slippery rocks and old steps but nothing more than uou would expect at any beach side walk, this has a green seaweed and you really need to take your time and watch your footing.  we do go close to cliff tops but most of it has fencing and is safe as long as you don't run about or go to the edge, if you do you could die. You must keep dogs on a lead at all times and young children under control at all times. We do recommend that you bring a drink and use sturdy footwear and understand you could slip or trip and fall on uneven ground. We do deliver jumps such as shocks in the tours. Our boat tour has the latest safety equipment from life jackets to radios and GPS tracking along with a on board toilet. The steps on to the boat and off are also ok but you must take care when climbing in and out of the boat not to slip and our guide will assist each person.  You may NOT take a pasty on the boat or anything to do with rabbits or bananas. You will be asked to leave these items behind due to local superstitions. 

Please NOTE: We are not libel for any slip, trips or falls on this tour during or after the tour, you come on this tour at your own risk. Please see our terms and conditions, click here  and you will be redirected tour head office website with all terms.

Sand, steps and rocks to tackle on the walking tour. This is a normal path in Newquay, just go steady.

We stop at 9 locations, most have sitting areas such as walls, soft grass and sand with outstanding views

Some of the tour has steps such as these, so the tour is not ideal for pushchairs or wheelchairs. Ware steady footwear!

Can children come on the tour?

Yes this but It depends on the tour, we advice in the tour description if its suitable for children but each tour can be tailored to suit needs, such as a scout group or private groups. We do recommend the age of 6 plus for the walking tours as the tour is 0.7 miles long with regular stops and seating and up hill and up steps. But it is not possible for prams to access this route. If your unsure you can call and ask about a under age child as not each child is the same. We do allow younger than 6 years old on the tour free of charge but younger children 3 years and younger tend to cry and spoil the tour for others where enjoying the stories, the stories are based on voice modulation, with hesitation and this builds an atmosphere that is thrilling and captive but small children and babies crying takes that away as people can't focus. So please take that in to consideration before booking.

How long is the tour?

It depends on each tour, we advise in each tours description on the length of time but we advise that you always leave plenty of time either side of the tour as some tours can over run. If we have a sold out tour and a walkers captures a photo of a seal or shark and everyone will want to see it and take photos, this will take up time or likewise if we have a large group then tours can over run waiting of people to catch up. Our Sunset tour on selected dates are aimed at adults only and offer a free taste of smuggled French Brandy that you can enjoy while you watch the sun set, this all takes time, so leaving around 2 hours for the walking tour would be an ideal gauge of time and 2.5 hours for the boat tour. But do check here for the walking tour and here for the boat tour

Accessibility & Payment

Sadly none of our tours are wheelchair friendly due to geography and makeup of historical sites such as the old pathways, staircases, winding steps, steep uneven staircases, small walls which we may climb up and over to access locations, grass embankments where the ground could be slippery to coastline paths where the paths are single file pathways. Part of this tour is on sand and beach rocks that can be slippery, we will guide you the best we can over these areas. 


Please make sure you have suitable footwear and clothing for the tour, weather, sun screen and water as we will be walking up hill. Your welcome to bring food on the tours. You may smoke but away from the tours and this is a drink and drug free tour, no alcohol on this tour unless advertised as so. If you are drunk or on drugs you will be asked to leave without a refund. 

Access to the boat is down a large staircase to the waters edge then on to the boat and off the same way.

Parking can be busy in Newquay, we recommend arriving 30 minutes or no less than 15 minutes before the tour, once we depart, we depart with no refunds.

We are a dog friendly tour as long as your dog is friendly and on a lead and you have poop bags.

The walking tour costs £7 for adults and £5 for under 16's with a maximum of 25 people per tour. The boat tour costs £19.99 per person and we are limited to 11 spaces per tour and runs on selected dates.

You can visit our head office site at www.aloneinthedarkentertainment.com for terms and conditions 


If you would like to find out more information, I would be more than happy to help. Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Head Office: 16 Millways Gateshead, NE95PQ

Tour Start Point: Over from Bootlegger Boat Trips, South Quay Hill,

Newquay TR7 1HR

Head Office: www.aloneinthedarkentertainment.com


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