About Newquay Smugglers Walk and Boat Trip

The Newquay Smugglers Walk and boat trip has taken over 4 years to create with countless hours researching old legends, reading through old books, many out of publication and found through appeals and help from Newquay's Old Cornwall Society and locals in Newquay. Our tours  are based on many real facts but like allot of Cornwall's history, it is also very much folklore from many interviews with locals, from fishermen to home owners, everyone has a fantastic yarn to tell and now we bring them all together on our tours.

About the Newquay Smugglers Walk & Boat Trip in Newquay Cornwall

Newquay Smugglers Walk and Boat Trip is a story based walking or boat tour with historical facts from many years of research, local folklore, myths and Legends told to me and many others as a child but now brought to life by Steven J Taylor in a full costume guide as he plays the part of a pirate and one of his ancestors, his 10th great grandfather and uses his skills as a story teller that uses some his ancestors real pirate and smuggling items as props on the tour. The tour is a mix of stories and facts about Newquay's smuggling past, from Crantock, Parranporth and the North coast of Cornwall featuring local stories from real smugglers, local family history and Cornish pirates and wreckers.

Steve Taylor your tour guide is also a local surfer and loves the ocean where he can be found when he is not a pirate, he is  also currently studying marine biology.

Steve plays a pirate for a film company. Steve has been featured in a TV programs, news papers and magazines and has been written about in 14 books. He is professional tour guide and has had his own radio show. along with been a accomplished writer of 6 books.

It all started when Steve, Wayne Martin and skipper Colin were chatting about family history here in Cornwall, local legends and folklore we were told as children, it gave Steve an idea that together with Wayne the skipper of Tamarisk and Colin the skipper of Island Maid who both run 1 hour coastal trips and mackerel trips in Newquay and with their combined 80 years of running boat trips in Newquay and Steve 12 years as a tour guide that they could create a brand new attraction for Newquay based around local stories and shunned family history of smuggling, wrecking and create a sightseeing experience for visitors to Newquay that was as real as you can get in Cornwall to real smuggling and pirates but to do that, our families folklore needed to be first proven!


Steve had grown up in Newquay and Durham but he hailed from the North of England after moving there as a child over half of his bloodline Cornish over in Falmouth, Fowey and Crantock and here in Newquay, the other from around the UK, this new venture became about self discovery as we delved in to our families history, Steve searched and found links to lost cousins through online family trees, this eventually led to them undertaking DNA tests to help build their ancestors history. It was now not just about local folklore but could we find a real link to our ancestors and smuggling, pirates and ship wrecking. It would return that Steven was 66.7% Cornish, 11.6% Scandinavian and 21.7% other which broke down as 3.1% English, 4% North African Morocco, 11.1% Greek, 1.6% Spanish and 1.9% Italian which built a picture of Steve’s ancestors and migration routes but what else could it yield, well that came from family history that he would discover through finding family lost in time.  Now with his DNA results Steve is looking into forgotten family and is undertaking out further research into his family history and the the search for smuggling and pirates in Newquay will never end as each month we uncover another peace of a nautical puzzle, although fascinating to ourselves it is not always fascinating to the day trippers that just want a boat trip and some fun so we are looking at documenting all of our findings in time for a new book that we hope to have published for Spring early summer 2020 and he is currently working on a free download guide and trails map along with our new APP. 

We do not know where this will take us but we do our best to make it better, bigger and one of the best tourist attractions in Newquay.

Above: Steve's DNA results are the start in tracing other DNA from possible records. What will we find in time?

Steve’s family who name has changed over the years has been traced as far back as the mid 1600’s on the Cornish side as Angove, then it becomes Clemens and Lynne then Taylor as it is today.


The results of the DNA put him in touch with 1st removed ancestors who then shed more light on his family's past. For 2 generations Steve’s family had been based in the North of England and Southwest as close as Cheddar in Somerset they had moved there for work, others to the North to work in the mines with the bulk of his ancestors been minors and shipbuilders and a few farmers but before that his family had a history of smugglers and even a legend of a pirate or two in the family. Steve loved these old stories as a child and now he can share them with everyone.


What Steve thought was a family myth, a legend and as his Grandmother would say, a curse on my family history that haunted our family name for generations due to the men in our family been smugglers and pirates, for so long we changed our name from Clemens to Taylor some time in the 1800’s, my Grans ancestors and family had moved around and hidden from it's bleak history, but one in particular, the one that's was more evil than the rest and that lived on his own island and was shunned by our family for his deeds. My grandmother was told stories as a small girl about her 9th great grandfather and his pirate ways and his father who was supposedly a daring pirate and how our family was connected to the pirate Henry Avery through marriage after Stevens 13th great grandfather William Angove married a lady known as Rowan Avery or Every from Plymouth and the family legend has it that William was the son of Jonathan Angove a sailor and pirate on the crew of the Henry Avery or Every’s crew and his son took the hand of Henry's daughter after his father Jonathan learned of a fleet of ships carrying great wealth, as the story goes he was right for the plunder and prize he granted his daughter's hand in marriage. They bore a son named Jonathan Angove who bore a son and daughter, the son was Jack Angove or as my gran would call him Jackyo and there daughter Emblyn Angove who married in to the Clemens family of Blystra or as it now known as Newquay. Emblyn married a pirate and smuggler said to be quite daring by the name of Branock Clemens who would bore a son by the name of Humphrey Clemens, this is one of Newquay's most evil of our smuggler's a true villain if there ever was one, he was ghastly and bad that he earned the name Black Humphrey and was so famous as a wrecker and pirate,  smuggler in his time and due to the fact he lived on his own island that books were written about him. After many years of research we found Humphrey's story, the last remaining copy of  200 year old book and discovered a hidden history of Newquay within it's pages and found his son Duff Clemens and this gave us our tour.


Not only did we have local folklore, real sites of smuggling from caves and tunnels, homes that had found smugglers passageways but we now had a crew with over 80 years combined local history and knowledge of the waters around Newquay and with the aid of many locals, old books and pictures came flooding in, maps of old coves, islands to shipwrecks all parts of forgotten Newquay. Now we had the facts and stories we then needed a reputable business partner for our financial outlay and Steve reached out to the award winning tour company Alone In The Dark Entertainment that has over 17 different tour groups, with the legal aid, entertainments licence backing the Newquay Smugglers Walk and Boat Trip was born along with our new spooky tour. This website was then created as the the guys set about creating the best possible tour routes. 


Steve, Wayne and Colin along with Ian who has a vast family history relating to maritime history created the final tour route we use today after mant tests and free open days for our Smuggler and Pirate Boat Trip. Steve then set about creating the and based guided tour and for day time walks and even managed to create a lamp lit ghost walking tour of Newquay based around it's many ghostly legends as we discovered many of they too, the all tours launched in April 2019.

Meet our Smugglers Boat Crew...

We have over 80 years of combined experience in running boat trips. All our boats are fully insured, have full safety equipment and are mca/rya approved to carry 12 passengers. Visit www.newquaycoastalmackereltrips.co.uk for more info on our boats ad the 1 hour boat trips in Newquay Cornwall.


Name: Wayne Martin

Position: Skipper / Local Legend

Boat: Tamarisk

Experience: Over 45 years RNLI, skipper and educator in Newquay.

Wayne operates a 1 hour boat trip from Newquay, Click Here to learn more!


Name: Skipper Colin

Position: Skipper

Boat: Island Maid 

Experience: Over 40 years at sea, his son Mat runs the famous Atlantis Fishing boat out of Newquay.

Colin operates a 1 hour boat trip from Neequay, Click Here to learn more

Name: Pirate Steve

Position: Pirate, Booking Clark and Story teller

Experience: Over 12 years as a professional guide, writer, actor and radio host, historian and has been featured in 14 different books due to his family history.

Steve also operates Ghost Walks around the UK and many other tours. Learn More!

The Tours Lunched on April 27th 2019! 

So it would be late winter 2019 that Steven, Wayne, Colin and his partner would set about putting the tour together and creating this tour, it had to be more than just some guy drivelling on about Newquay and Pirates it had to be engaging, entertaining and shocking but fun with a pirate style take on smuggling history and it had to be done in full costume with facts hidden in stories, old myths and legends of smuggling as after all smuggling is not all about facts, part of its charm is the romantic notion of what smuggling was and so the Newquay Smugglers Walk and Boat Trip was born on April the 27th 2019. 

Steven would play a caricature from the North Coast of Cornwall's dark past Black Humphrey, smuggler, pirate and killer . The tour now had its guide and routes by land and by sea but now all we need is for you experience the Newquay Smuggler Walk or Boat Trip and enjoy it with your family. 

Join us for daily walks and boat trips during the summer holidays and on each weekend. Our tour starts in the Newquay Harbour from our tour sign and flag on South Quay, Newquay TR7 1HR. We do recommend you call before you turn up to check for availability on 07525639943


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